©2019 by Victoria Charleston

We live in the most unsettled and divided of times.


I have chosen to stand as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Salisbury constituency as I cannot watch our communities suffer through this chaotic parliament. I believe people locally deserve real representation and a Parliamentarian who will stand up for them and demand better. 


Brexit has ground our country to a standstill; overwhelming the national debate, dominating the media, and exhausting financial resources. I campaigned proudly during the referendum to remain in the European Union and continue to do so. But I worry that whilst we focus on Brexit, we face a climate crisis that is being ignored, we are watching our NHS crumble, and we continue to see a housing market that is shut off from young people and young families.


In my career I have worked on behalf of some of the most vulnerable people in society. Those facing fuel poverty, those struggling with the broken rental system, and those suffering abuse at the hands of an ex partner. I worked for former MP for Wells, Tessa Munt and have seen how a good, local MP can change lives.   I want to represent our communities and create change that benefits us all. 


I returned home to Salisbury with my husband last Christmas,we bought our first house off the Devizes Road in March and I gave birth to our daughter in April. I love this area and want to stand up on behalf of all of our communities. 


Come and join our movement for change and demand better for Salisbury.

Victoria Charleston

The best choice for Salisbury